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Searching New Zealand Music together!

About Me: I am a PHP SilverStripe web developer (I've developed an ecommerce platform for SilverStripe websites) from New Zealand that really loves New Zealand Music. I couldn't pick one genre of NZ music that I like above others, but right now I am definitely liking New Zealand Drum and Bass. Be it breaks, classical, rock, jazz, hip hop or whatever, NZ music has really proven itself to be a strong artery pumping through New Zealand culture. It transcends social barriers and connects New Zealanders and thats part of why I like it, it helps us develop our voice way down here in the Pacific.

The other reason I like it is that it is actually really good! So, hence the search engine.

This search engine helps NZ music in two ways:

  1. it helps New Zealanders find New Zealand Music
  2. it helps Google know what constitutes New Zealand Music, thereby improving the search results in the main Google index for NZ music queries and spreading NZ Music around the world

This search engine was not set up for any other reason than to promote music in NZ - it does not make me a dime and in fact costs me time and money to maintain.